• Date of national holiday: August 15th

  • Legal basis: Law passed on August 13th, 1990

  • Expected number of visitors: 30,000 - 40,000

  • Participating clubs and associations: 31

  • Commercial providers: 55

  • Bands and show acts: 24

  • Litres of mineral water consumed (approx.): 4,000

  • Number of meals served (approx.): 5,800

  • Litres of beer consumed (approx.): 6,200

  • Litres of wine consumed (approx.): 400

«hoi metanand»

«hoi metanand» means «hello everyone» and is typical for Liechtenstein. This general greeting is sympathetic and expresses openness and proximity. These two components also play an important role for the national holiday celebrations.

On August 15th, everyone enjoys being together, enjoys the land and the atmosphere. And guests from all around the world appreciate the openness of Liechtenstein.

Celebrate with us!