The tradition of lighting fires in the mountains dates back to 1938. In his book “Kriegszeit”, the historian Peter Geiger wrote: “The Prince’s birthday on 16 August was an occasion for the local Scouts to demonstrate their patriotism. In both 1938 and 1939, two weeks before the start of the war, the Scouts climbed up to the mountain ridges between Kuhgrat and Mittagsspitze to light fires. In 1939 fires in the form of the Princely Crown were lit at Gafadura, with the Scouts marching up to Gaflei in a torch-lit procession.”

The fires, procession and blazing Princely Crown today remain a central element of the national holiday in Liechtenstein, although for several decades the Crown has been lit in Tuass and not Gafadura. The organisation has also passed from the Scouts to staff members and volunteers of the Liechtenstein Mountain Rescue Service.