Play zone Peter-Kaiser-Platz - Family programme

Behind the government building on Peter-Kaiser-Platz, there are several attractions for children.

02.30 until 02.50 p.m.

Puppet show "müze"

03.00 until 03.20 p.m.

Cyrano - The magician

03.30 until 03.50 p.m.

Kiddy disco with Flotti

04.00 until 04.20 p.m.

Clown Toto

04.30 until 04.50 p.m.

Puppet show "müze"

05.00 until 05.20 p.m.

Cyrano - The magician

05.30 until 05.50 p.m.

Ernest The Magnifico

06.00 until 06.20 p.m.

Clown Toto

Rathausplatz stage

If you prefer dance and music, the Rathausplatz is the right place for you: On the stage are the Musical Kids and the Tanzclub Liechtenstein to show off their skills. Afterwards, Marius from the hunting chapel invites you to join in and sing along.