Did you know that...
  • Liechtenstein first celebrated its national holiday on 15 August 1940?
  • the 2013 firework display will be choreographed by Armin Lukasser, who has finished second on three separate occasions at the World Fireworks Championships?
  • in 2003 the firework display had to be cancelled due to a prolonged period of dry weather?
  • you can use public transport for free on the national holiday?
  • 34 clubs and associations from Liechtenstein and the surrounding region will be represented at the national holiday?
  • admission to the National Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Postage Stamp Museum is free on the national holiday?
  • the tradition of lighting fires on mountain peaks dates back to 1938?
  • in 1990 a law was passed making 15 August the official national holiday in Liechtenstein?
  • since 1990 the act of state that opens the national holiday has taken place on the lawn next to Vaduz Castle?
  • the tune of the Liechtenstein national anthem originally comes from England?
  • families in Liechtenstein are asked to hang flags from their houses on the national holiday in order to preserve a long tradition?
National Holiday
The National Holiday of Liechtenstein takes place on 15th August 2016.